The Best Hybrid Cars For 2022


It’s safe to say that hybrid cars are currently an enthralling topic all over the world with a flood of models on the market in the past few years.

Simply because you’d like a hybrid car doesn’t mean that you’re prepared to make compromises. These cars aren’t just excellent hybrids; they’re fantastic cars in their own right.

1. BMW 3 series

Pick the plug-in hybrid version of the BMW 3 Series – the 330e, and you will get a classy saloon that can manage on average of 150mpg. It comes with a smart and sophisticated infotainment system and a good package.


2. Skoda Superb iV

This is a plug-in hybrid car. The Skoda Superb iV is a version of Skoda’s massive saloon. The Superb is a joy to drive, has a high-end interior, and offers an excellent infotainment system. However, the main attraction is enormous storage space for passengers and luggage.


3. Audi Q5 TFSI e

It’s the Audi Q5 is one of the top family SUVs available. It is comfortable to drive, features an impressive interior, and has plenty of space and utility. This plug-in hybrid car is a TFSI e version that allows pure electric driving, and less expensive company car tax for business customers.


4. Toyota Corolla

If you’re looking for a powerful hybrid car with low running costs, the Toyota Corolla is the car to beat. It is possible to choose between two petrol engines that are hybrids. The Corolla is enjoyable to drive and has an elegant interior and lengthy warranty. The other hybrids are larger, however.


5. Volkswagen Passat

The Passat GTE with plug-in hybrid technology is extremely economical, robust, and efficient. With its electric range that is convenient, it gives you the ideal from both sides. This VW Passat GTE has a roomy interior and is an automobile that can cover 34 miles of electricity by itself.


6. Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is also called the T8. It is a plug-in hybrid car that can run with electricity for nearly 20 miles. It has an official mpg above 100. However, it can hit the 0-60mph speed in six seconds. All of this is wrapped in a spacious, luxuriously equipped, functional, and stylish SUV package.


7. Mercedes C-Class

Choose the C-Class’s hybrid plug-in model called the C300 de. And you’ll be able to enjoy a luxurious cruiser with a beautiful interior that doesn’t cost money to operate. The interior isn’t as big as other models, and the infotainment system is also outdated.


8. Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 hybrid is comfortable with a functional interior and is well-equipped. The best part? You can expect to achieve around 50mpg, which isn’t good for an SUV running the 2.5-liter gasoline engine. However, the infotainment system isn’t exactly easy to navigate.


9. Toyota Prius

This hybrid car is the most recent version of the Toyota Prius, and it’s going from a quirky eco-car to an intelligent family vehicle – and it has low emissions and high mileage. It’s also roomy and has a good-sized boot. However, you could have trouble with the infotainment systems.


10. Toyota Yaris

Do you want a smaller vehicle? Are you looking to have a hybrid? If so, consider the Toyota Yaris. It’s got Toyota’s renowned reliability, as well as its many years of hybrids made; however, it feels somewhat cheap inside.

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