10 Brilliant DIY Glass Bowl Decorations

Do you have an empty glass bowl at home? Or have you seen a large empty glass bowl in a store and wondered what you could do with it, or what its real purpose is? Bowls can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the best ways to use them is as decoration.
In this article we show you 10 DIY projects with glass bowls. We hope you find them useful.

1.Coffee time!

If you happen to have an old coffee press or tea kettle, you should re purpose it instead and fill it with various greenery, dirt and pebbles in order to transform it into a masterpiece!Get It From Amazon

2.Flower bowl!

If you happen to have some glass bowls lying around, put them to good use and fill them with water while placing flowers on the waters surface, leaving them to float and decorate your room!
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3.Summer time!

Fill up some glass bowls with sand, sea shells and pebbles and you have got yourself a wonderful diy beach themed decoration!

4.Prickly bowl.

Place some cacti into a bowl and fill it up with sand to create a tiny diy desert scene that will surely look incredible!

5.Rainbow sand.

Grab hold of different colors of sand and layer it into a glass bowl. Decorate the top with a plant of some sort and this colorful diy rainbow will liven up your home!Get the glass bowl From Amazon

6.Lights out!

Take an old light bulb, open it up and fill it with colorful decorations of your choosing. This small and discreet decoration will be breathtaking if placed in a center spot in your home!Get It From Amazon

7.Table terrarium!

Take six sheets of plexiglass and glue them together after placing some foliage and dirt into it. This way, you’ve got yourself a small enclosure upon which you can have a cup of coffee!Get It From Amazon

8.Mystical glow.

Place a candle into a glass bowl filled up with slightly see through and colorful stones and watch as your room glows up right in front of your eyes!Get the glass bowl From Amazon


Take a tall glass of any sorts and go through the process of filling it up with grass, flowers and other foliage to create a one of a kind diy glass bowl!

10.Pass the pepper please!

Use spices and some dirt and sand to create a wonderful and colorful little glass bowl project that can sit right on top of your desk!

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