Best Pet Lizards for Beginners

Did you know that more than 6,000 different species of lizards are found on every continent, with Antarctica being the only exception. Some lizards are only 1 inch long, while others, such as the Komodo dragon, can grow over 10 feet long. With such a variety of colors, species, and sizes, it is not surprising that lizards are a trendy pet today.

It’s estimated that about 2 million households in the United States keep lizards as pets, and this number is multiplying. Most lizards are easy to maintain as pets, but some species require special housing with strict humidity and temperature controls. If you’re an expert or beginner in the world of lizard keeping, you have come to the right place! We have organized for you a list of the best lizards for beginners to help you choose the perfect reptile.

1. Ackies Monitor

The Ackies monitors are one of our most loved reptiles, and a lot of owners also agree. They are unique in appearance and gentle temperament that makes them a wonderful pet for almost everyone.

Due to their fascinating appearance and resemblance to Komodo dragon There's plenty of incorrect information being circulated around regarding the species. It's hard to believe some of the stories we've been told!
Image Credit: gayleenfroese2, Pixabay

The lizard is native to Australia and very similar to a Komodo Dragon in miniature, the Ackies Monitor Lizard is a fantastic choice for beginners despite its rather big size. They can grow as much as 30 inches in length that can be intimidating to novices, however, they possess an easygoing and calm nature that is perfect for novices. These lizards can have a long life span of around 15 years, which means you need to be prepared for a commitment of a lifetime prior to bringing one home.

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