15 Totally Incredible Lemon Hacks For Your Home

From cleansing to beauty concerns, lemons can be used to create a variety of options. Here are 15 amazing things you can do with a slice of lemon.

1. Treat Acne Scars:

By applying lemon juice on the affected area daily, you can lighten your skin causing the scars to fade.

2. Eliminate Food Smells:

Handling foods like garlic, meat, and fish can make your hands stinky, no matter how clean you wash them. Applying lemon juice to your hands before washing them with soap will remove the smell.

3. Soothe Flu And Colds:

When you get a cold your throat feels itchy and hoarse. Take some lemon juice, mix with a teaspoon of honey and some ginger -after peeling the skin- to relieve the discomfort in your throat.

4. Remove Nail Polish Stains:

Combine equal amounts of lemon juice and water in a bowl, stir up then dip your fingertips for about 2 minutes. Repeat the procedure once in a week until your nails are free from the nail polish stains.

5. Make Your Whites Whiter:

Position your white cloth in the washing machine and put in 60ml of lemon juice before starting the cycle. You will notice the brightness right away.

6. Clean Your Dishwasher:

Press the lemon over a bowl to extract the juice, then put it in an upright position in a vacant dishwasher and make short rotations for smooth clean

7. Clean Your Chopping Board:

Rub a freshly cut lemon slice transversely the board mainly after chopping meat as it eliminates smells, bacteria, and food stains.

8. Refresh Up Your Microwave:

When your microwave gets messy, put some slices of lemon in a dish of water and ensure the microwave is on full power for a minute then wipe up using a moistened cloth.

9. Reduce Movement Sickness:

By sucking on a slice of lemon, you can lessen the feeling of nausea mostly experienced when journeying.

10. Make A Sports Drink:

As an alternative to expensive bottled drinks you can enhance your exercises with a blend of lemon juice with cold water and a nip of salt.

11. Control Bloating:

Mix lemon slices, cucumber, orange slices and mint leaves to make a remedy for stomach bloat.

12. Treat Hangovers:

Squash a lemon to get some juice and mix it with cold water to cure a hangover. It equalizes the levels of your PH and lowers the possibility of bothersome symptoms such as headaches.

13. Aids In Weight Loss:

Lemons help in boosting your metabolism, and it is a great energy drink for workouts.

14. Brighten Your Nails:

Make a solution of lemon juice and baking soda. Apply the solution on your nails and massage, this will result in your nails looking brighter and clean.

15. Curbs Insomnia:

Heat some water to a boiling point and squash some freshly cut lemons into it. Inhale the aroma for some minutes while it’s still boiling. You will find that it eases your mind and reduces anxiety leading to a great night sleep.

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