7 Crazy but Brilliant Kitchen Hacks

The kitchen is an important part of the home and where important business is done. Getting the most out of your kitchen can make it easier and more enjoyable. Here are some simple tricks to make your kitchen work easier.

1. How to peal off the shell from a boiled egg.

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Pealing boiled eggs can become a boring and a challenging activity that most people would really love to bypass most of the time and move to the eating part. By simply adding vinegar into the water being used to boil the egg makes your work easier because the vinegar soften’s the shell making pealing an easy and fast task.

2. How to prevent teary eyes when chopping onions.

Storing the intended onions meant for cooking in the freezer for about half an hour prevents teary eyes when you are chopping the onions.

3. Keeping cakes fresh for longer.

The best way to maintain the freshness of a cake after cutting is by ensuring you keep it in a cool and dry place. However you can also maintain a cake’s freshness by attaching the parts of the cut cake together with slices of bread using toothpicks, the bread ensures the cake maintains it’s moisture.

4. How to maintain or restore sheen on utensils.

After using utensils for some time they may end up loosing their shinny nice look and end up looking dull. Adding vinegar into the water being used to clean these utensils will reverse the dull looking utensils back to shinning.

5. How to peal a lot of potatoes without a peeler.

If you don’t have a potato peeler, pealing potatoes one by one may take a long time. To shorten your time you can boil the potatoes with the skin then transfer them into a bucket full of cold ice water and wash them, by the time you will be removing them from the cold water the skin would have already pealed off.

6. How to keep herbs fresh.

When herbs are not properly stored they easily become stale and loose their nice taste. In order to keep them fresh for longer you can freeze them hence ensuring they keep their taste for longer.

7. How you can separate the egg York from the egg white.

The two can simply be separated by using a water bottle. You simply hold the water bottle over the egg York and press it a little to push out some air the bring it closer the york which will be sucked into the bottle hence separating the two.

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