9 Superb Space-Saving Design Ideas for a Small Apartment

Do you have a small space apartment and looking for top-notch saving techniques to use? This article will help you discover some great space-saving design strategies that can work for your home.

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1. A magnetic iron mat works like magic. It can be positioned on a metallic surface or a washing machine in place of a board.

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2. A table carrying classic stacked chairs can be beautifully arranged into smaller space.

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3. A drawer carrying your dog’s bowl. When you dog have finished feeding, the drawer can help save the bowl.

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4. Having in a given space of your home 4 rocking chairs

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5. Foldable window blind in the format of a rack.

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6. Tables and chairs that can stay perfectly in your shelf. Apart from books and other items, you can as well place beautiful chairs and tables in your shelf.

7. A sectional wall couch. When wall bed folds completely, the sectional couch can always remain.

8. A sofa bunk couch makes it easy for you to sleep with friends.

9. A convertible sofa says it all for your small apartment.

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