9 Classic Summer Camp Crafts for Kids

Enjoy summer fun at home with your kids by making these fun craft projects, inspired by summer camp.

1. Tie Dyeing

Buy a simple tie dye kit or check out a DIY tutorial to bring fun patterns of color to scarves, bags and T-shirts.

2. Friendship Bracelets

Teach your kids to braid colorful bracelets out of embroidery floss. Friendship bracelets are also fun to exchange.

3. Birdhouse Painting

Plain wooden birdhouses can be obtained cheaply at the craft store, and painted with acrylic paint for a beautiful yard decoration that also attracts birds.

4. Wind Chimes

Upcycled wind chimes can be made at home using tin cans, string and metal washers. Paint the tin cans for a fun, colorful look.

5. Rain Stick

Make a homemade rain stick out of a thick cardboard or plastic tube. Pound nails into it and fill with rice, couscous, beans, or macaroni noodles. Don’t forget to decorate!

6. Sand Candles

You can make sand candles at the beach. First, dig a hole in the sand. Place a wick in the hole and pour in melted natural soy wax. For safety, place branches around to make a cage, so nobody steps in the hot wax. Remove when cool.

7. Colored Rice Bottles

Dye rice different colors with food coloring. Once the colored rice is dry, put it into clear bottles, either in layers or mixed together for a beautiful decoration.

8. Clay Imprints

Make impressions of objects found in nature using Sculpey clay. Sculpey is easy to use and can be baked in the oven.

9. Paper Mache Bowls

Make paper mache out of glue or flour paste and shredded paper. Once the paper mache is made, it can be easily formed into bowls, which can then be painted.

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