9 Awesome Foods That are Prefect for Your Indoor Garden

Sometimes culinary enthusiasts wish they could stretch their hand to their apartment balcony and grab a fresh veggie from their indoor garden and and surprise their guests with a testy meal. This dream and ambition can be made real by cultivating the following easy to cultivate internally and with less space.

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1) Strawberries

With their great test they are a good addition when preparing your salad. They prefer warm places with a temperature of around 18-25 degrees Celsius and can grow all year round.

2) Thyme

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A good plant with great test and smell. Gives a nice scent in the house.

3) Ginger

A very pleasant plant to look at it has been known to heal nausea. It generally requires temperatures of 20- 25 degrees Celsius.It does well in pots.

4) Tomatoes

Most preferably one should plant the small ones with different colours that lighten up the living space apart from supplying tomatoes for use.Require temperature of between 23-25 degrees Celsius

5) Pepper

Good for salad preparation the small different colored breed is preferred to brighten living space with colours. Its ideal temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

6) Carrots

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The require a well lit space for greater growth and can be ready in up to 90 days.

7) Mint

Should be grown at adequate lighting. Temperatures of about 20 degrees Celsius.Mint tea good for hangover.

8) Green Onions

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They germinate from bulb outwards.It should be kept in dark places at its early stages.

9) Basil

Grows fine in both pots and container. When overgrown can be pruned to avoid its bushy tendencies.

Also note that due to lack of insects in the house,one may require to manually pollinate the plants that are mature.

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