6 Interior Design Stereotypes It’s High Time We Forgot

There are many interior design stereotypes that may have hit you in your interior design journey. Let us dive right into them while giving you a dose of some useful insight on bright design ideas.


Most people view the color white as boring and too formal. In home setting, white walls will make the color of your furniture pop instead of dulling it in.

Everyone wants to paint their kids room in bright popping colors. Go for a cool color like a white which is rare instead of the usual blue or pink.

The sofas and armchairs can share a different mix of style instead of getting one style as a set.

Drop the pressure of buying bedroom sets. Get yourself nice tables to use in their place.

Keep furniture away from the walls instead of along the walls as traditionally done.

Get unique tiles for your bathrooms. Pick tiles that resemble stone or wood to give the rooms a beautiful unique finish.

These are 6 interior design stereotypes that we need to forget.


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