6 Common Types of Eating Disorders (and Their Symptoms)

2. Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia is a condition that develops at the onset of adolescence, and in into early adulthood. It is believed to be less prevalent among males than females.

The symptoms may be like those of purging or binge eating types of anorexia nervosa. But, people with bulimia typically keep a healthy weight and don’t tend to go overweight.

The symptoms that are common to bulimia are:

  • Frequent episodes of binge eating , accompanied by the feeling of being out of control
  • Frequent episodes of improper purging habits to avoid weight gain
  • An overly-influenced self-esteem affected by the body’s form and weight
  • A fear of weight gain, even though they are not overweight.

The adverse effects of bulimia could include an inflamed and swollen throat, swelling of the salivary glands and worn tooth enamel tooth decay acid reflux and irritation of the stomach extreme dehydration, and hormonal disruptions.

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