30 Mind Blowing DIY Projects that You’ve Never Heard of

Did you try DIY projects for the home? You can make them from old used stuff left in the storeroom. Ask your family to help you out, that way you can have some fun while making something unique. Let us talk about 30 awesome DIY projects that can make your home better.

Lip balm

Lip Balms

Who does not like a lip balm in cold weather? You need to get some balm to keep your lips from cracking. The only problem with the cosmetics you buy from the shop is they contain chemicals that harm your skin.

With DIY lip balms, you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of chemicals on your lips. There is a procedure to make natural lip balm with olive oil, almond, etc. Use this scheme to make a natural, and safe lip balm for yourself.

Water-less Snow Globe

Waterless Snow Globe

If you are looking for some decorations, then you might feel happy to know that you can make a snow globe yourself. The process includes an empty jar that is filled with a liquid.

You need to make the liquid yourself at home. The combination includes glue, fake snow, with other decorations such as dollhouses, dancing pairs, etc. Pour this liquid in a clean jar with decorations, and you have your own DIY snow globe.

Floor stencils

Stencilled Floor

If you feel water globes are not enough for home decorations, then how about using stencils to cover up the floor? You can make some fine designs and change your floor completely with these DIY follow the procedures to find out how to make them.

Sweeper pads

DIY Swiffer Cover

If you are a person who is good at knitting and stitching, then you can create some nice covers for yourself. Try making some sweeper pads for instance. They are reusable, and they keep your home clean. Find the links to make them yourself.

Hanging Garden Basket

Hanging Lettuce Basket

What better way is there to decorate your home than preparing a garden. Some greeneries and flowers and change the atmosphere of your house completely. Even if you don’t have a garden, some small pot plants might do the trick.

There are tonnes of ways to prepare DIY potted plant home decorations. The materials are almost always available in your home. Take your pick of the potting material, it can be plastic, paper, unused jar, etc. Then get the instructions for making your hanging garden. It will change the appearance of your entire house. This is one DIY you must try while renovating your home.

Shoe holder planter

Shoe Holder Planter

Do you have a shoe holder lying around your home? Don’t know what you should do with it? Maybe you can use them to plant some trees and enrich your home environment. Some great selections for this planting are herbs. Their needs can be fulfilled easily on those tiny shoe pockets. What’s great about this DIY is that you can grow several small plants in one wall. It looks great, and it is good for your health as well.

Leafy stepping stones

Stepping Stones

The stepping stones that lead to your garden are good, but you can make it great. What if you can change the stepping stones into something that could merge with the garden background? You already have a beautiful garden little extra work can make the garden welcoming to the visitors.

For this project, you need to take a broad leaf from the garden. You will also need a cement mixture for making this DIY. Use the leaf to print its pattern on to the cement. Let it dry and place it on the entry of the garden.

Garden stones

Painted Garden Stones

If you love gardening and grow vegetables in the garden, this is a brilliant idea. You might have faced problems to remember where you have planted which vegetables. Now you can use garden stones to mark them. Take some medium-sized flat stones and write the name of the veggies. After that place them in the garden where you have to plant them.

Fairy garden decorations

Fairy Garden

Take an old bucket, a bowl or a drawer and fill them with the earth. Plant smalls small plants. Collect some miniature garden accessories and place them on it. It is done; you have a perfect mini garden ready for your mini fairies.

DIY tomato planter

Upside Down Planter

Gardens make you healthy, and they make your house appealing. One more DIY garden project takes place on our list. For this take plastic bottles of one liter and cut out the bottom. Now turn it upright with the nozzle at the bottom. Place a tomato seed, and pour earth, etc. Hang it on a tree and water them regularly. With this DIY you will get some homegrown tomatoes, that are potted pleasingly. You can find out the details of the complete project on the internet.

Yogurt cheese

Yogurt Cheese

After learning about kitchen decor DIYs lets enter the kitchen and find something interesting. Take some bread cloths on a colander. Pour yogurt on them and let them drain. In the morning you will find a creamy sour cheese for eating with your next meal.

Pebble placemat

Pebble Placemat

For decorations, you need creativity. You need to know to put the decor items, and you know how to make them. The most brilliant decorations are born from material that you have over quantity. For these DIY projects, you need a glue gun, some pebbles and a background material like wood or felt.

Arrange the pebbles on the material first without using glue. Rearrange them any way you find visually, charming. You might check out some pebble arranging ideas from the internet. Now attach each piece with a glue gun on the felt. After it dries up, you have your own DIY pebble mat. You can find more ideas on the internet.

Bird feeder

Bundt Bird Feeder

Do you like birds? If you do, then here is a DIY you will love. Take a ring-shaped mold, add birdseed and melted suet. Make them into a food ring by using the mold. Now use a ribbon to tie them up on the tree. You can rest assure that flying visitors in winter will come by to take a peck of what you have prepared for them.

Yarn painted jars

Yarn-Wrapped Jars

You might have seen this type of painted technique already. It is simple; you have many glass jars pile up at your home. Take them and wrap them in yarn. Make sure that you are wrapping it around in a pattern to create some empty and covered areas on the jar. You can follow some video to make some pleasing patterns with this method.

After this, paint it thoroughly covering all the surfaces. Let the paint dry. Then peel off the yarn from the jar leaving some clear patterns along with the white paint. Place them in as decorations and enjoy.

Baked tags

Salt Dough Tags

Do you often get frantic on choosing a gift for a dear one? Well, maybe this time a DIY idea can save you. For this idea, you can bake a tag at home and gift it to someone.

You will need a combo of flour, salt, water, and similar ingredients. Mix them and use stamps to make the design on them. Cut them out with a cookie cutter and bake them. Use a bamboo skewer to make a hole and tie a ribbon. Your homemade baked tags are ready for the big day.

Cake stand

Cake Stand

You can make amazing cake stands with industrial glue and glass pieces. For this, you need a glass candle holder, a glass plate, and a clear glass adhesive. Now making them is simple.

Place the plate and the glass holder and carefully use the adhesive to join them. It is that simple. However, you have to be careful while joining them, so that the plate is at the center. Be cautious when using the adhesive and read instructions carefully.

Needle felted toys

Felted Gnome

You can make some of your own DIY toys. All you need is a barbed needle and wool to make it. Of course, you need crafty hands to complete this project. Once you are done, you can place them in the garden to express a story.

Message on cups

Sharpie Tea Cups

Get plain cups for this project, and a sharpie marker. Write you a message on a cup. Bake at 350F for 30 minutes. The marks will become permanent. Now you can send messages on cups.

Key mark with nail polish

Nailpolish Keys

This one probably doesn’t need much of an explanation. If you have problems identifying your keys, mark them with nail polish. Use different colors to identify them.

Laundry detergent

Laundry Detergent

Yes, you can make laundry powders at home at well. For this, you need baking soda, soda ash, finely grated castile soap, and borax. Mix all these ingredients and store them in an airtight jar. Shake them from time to time to keep the soap chips settling at the bottom.

Casset wallet

Cassette Wallet

Cassettes have run out of their time. But that does not mean you can’t use them for anything. Turn those tapes into a cassette wallet, they look different at the same time they are functional.

Suitcase into a dog bed

Suitcase Dog Bed

If you have a dog and an old suitcase, then these two are a perfect combo. Add some fluffy pillows, blankets, and mattresses to make a warm place for your dog.

Mini terrarium

Jar Garden

Do you have leftover jars after making those yarn jars? Then use them to make this DIY for your garden. Place soil, moss, pebbles and small plants to create a mini garden-like appearance in the jar. After that, put your tiny friends inside to check out there home. You can keep them in the garden to they are comfortable with natural views.

String lanterns

DIY String Lanterns

These are some beautiful lanterns that can help you with your home decoration. To make these you need corn starch, spray paint, twine, ballon, glue.

At first, blow the balloon to a desirable size. Make sure they are round shape while you do so. Once done mark the balloon knot with a circle. The circle has to be big enough to allow the bulb to pass. Hang the balloon by the knot and make the ingredient mixture. Soak the strings on the mixture and go around the balloon making the lantern pattern.

Leave them to dry for a day. Pop the balloon and spray paint the string form.

Tin can Camp stove

Camp Stove

Are you having a problem cooking out in the camp? Well, don’t worry we will have a way to make a stove out of tin cans. For your camping days, these stoves can be handy.

Bath salts

Bath Salts

You can prepare bath salt at home to get a refreshing bath. All you need is several essential oils mixed with coarse sea salt, and food colors if you want.

Hanging wood shelves

Wood and Leather Shelves

There are many unused items in our home. Such as belts and wooden furniture. Use them to make plain planks and tie them up with belts to make shelve. After this, all you gotta do is find a place to hang them.

Jewelry storage hanger

Jewellery Hanger

Do you use a wooden cloth hanger? They are strong materials and turns out to be more useful than you thought. Use a couple of eyelet screws and attach them to the hanger. Now hang your jewelry and place the hanger in a suitable place. This DIY looks pleasing and also works as a decoration in the room.

Dresser wallpaper

Wallpaper Dresser

Are you bored with your old dresser? The same old look gets boring eventually, but there is a way to spark some ideas here. Why don’t you use wallpapers? They can change the look of your furniture and overall it affects the aesthetics of your room. So hurry, get dresser wallpapers today.

Swatch wall paint

Paint Swatch Wall

Have you decided which color you want for your wall? Many get confused at this point, why not use all colors and get rid of the confusion? Swatch wall painting is the trend for wall decorations. It is a great idea, but the painting needs to be done with care. Extreme accuracy and patience are needed to complete this painting style. Once you are done, you will have an interior that will leave guests in awe.

These are the 30 awesome DIY that you’ve never seen before. Keep in mind that each one needs to be understood in detail. Here we have only made a brief to make sure you can pick your favorite DIY. If you want to try any of them better learn about them in detail before going for it. That makes sure you will have a fine product in the end.

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