15 Genius DIY Fruit And Vegetable Storage Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

You have committed yourself to have healthy eating lifestyle. Therefore, you decide to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. You probably don’t want to imagine going to the grocery everyday to get your fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are 15 tips of storage ideas that will save you from your shopping headache.

1. Under-Cabinet Storage Bins

Your fresh fruits and vegetables will look perfect in under-cabinet storage bins. Burying them inside cabinets or drawers can easily spoil their fresh look. They are easy to build, that is can take less than hour to make one.

2. Use of Wire Basket Fruit Stand

For a tiny kitchen, a wire basket fruit stand can be one of the good storage ideas. It takes small space and it will give your kitchen a great look.
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3. Use of Magazine Holders for Storage

Magazine holders are simple and easy to design. They can also keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period.
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4. Installing Pull-out Drawers

Pull-out drawers are good for a tiny or small kitchen. They save a lot of space.

5. Use of a Shoe Organizer in Your Pantry

This is a brilliant storage idea. Your vegetables and fruits will look beautiful in such storage.
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6. Installation of Wire Bins

Wire bins can be installed to the kitchen counter-top side.

7. Use of Space-Saving Mobile Cart

Your tiny kitchen needs a good look, and not so much squeezed. Space-saving cart is ideal for storage in such a kitchen.
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8. Use of Hanging Fruit Basket.

Which other great storage ideas do you need for your fruits and vegetables other than hanging basket? It is perfect for your tiny kitchen.

9. Use of Fruit Hammock

Fruit hammock saves enough space in a small kitchen. Fruits and vegetables can look amazing in a fruit hammock that is placed beneath the cabinet.
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10. Use of Wicker Basket

You can use your wicker basket to store root vegetables. Your potatoes and onions can be stored here.
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11. Use of Handy Wall-Mounted Storage Bags

They save both space and time. Making them is easy too.
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12. Use of Produce Stand

Designing your own produce stand for your fruits and vegetables can be among nice storage

13. Use of Wire Basket Attached to the Kitchen Wall for storage

You can explore your creativity by designing a wire basket for you fruits and vegetables, and attaching it to your kitchen wall. It will consume less of your time to make.

14. Ventilated Vegetables and Fruits Drawers

For a small kitchen, ventilated drawers will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

15. Open Weave Baskets on Drawer Top

Fruits and vegetables can be stored on open weave baskets, it will keep them longer.
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These are amazing storage ideas for your kitchen that you should try out.

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