12 Cheap and Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects

DIY Greenhouse projects have always been popular, mainly because there’s something so satisfying about growing your own produce and with gardening becoming a more and more trendy pastime there’s never been a better time to get involved! Whether you’re seasoned veteran or an upcoming rookie here are 12 DIY Greenhouse projects for you to dig in to (pun intended).

1. Mini Box Greenhouse

Perfect for those with an interest in growing but limited by space, these are miniature Greenhouses that can be made to fit whatever space you have!

2. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

DIY gardening and helping the environment often go hand in hand but never more so than this fully functioning recycled plastic bottle Greenhouse.

3. $25 Greenhouse

Gardening on a budget? Check out this awesome affordable pop up Greenhouse. Perfect for beginners.

4. Counter-top Greenhouse

Another perfect project for those limited by space, this mini Greenhouse project can even be kept indoors, allowing those without a garden to also get involved!

5. GeoDome Greenhouse

Need a cool place to chill on those summer evenings as well as somewhere to grow your own plants? This GeoDome Greenhouse would be a great addition to any garden.

6. Greenhouse from PVC pipe

A great project for those who enjoy traditional DIY projects as well DIY Greenhouse projects. Build your own Greenhouse with minimal supplies and minimal costs!

7. Cedar Branch Hoop House

A great environmentally friendly version of the PVC pipe house! Yet another great project for those short of space.

8. Straw Bale Cold Frame

An easy build for those less skilled in DIY projects, just requiring windows to be added to hay bale frame!

9. CD Case Greenhouse

Another in the category of environmentally friendly DIY Greenhouse projects. Recycle all your old CD cases with this trendy Greenhouse project.

10. Portable Window Cold Frame

Great for those with many growing projects on the go at once, the portable mini frame allows you to prioritize and protect the plants that need it most!

11. Mini Greenhouse

Again if your short of space don’t stress! This mini Greenhouse allows you to get involved regardless and protect each garden bed from frost!

12. Basic Wooden Box Greenhouse

Need something to pass the time this weekend? Why not have a go at building this cool looking wooden Greenhouse that would be a perfect addition to any garden!

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