10 Wonderful Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Live flowers or indoor plants are always great; they add shade to your environment. The terrible climate is far less terrifying when there is something in your house that blooms and radiates a sweet scent. There are of course conventional floral arrangements, but you can do that in an intriguing way. Try the part of a flower vendor and be inspired! Today, we would like to suggest some of the most beautiful options and prescribe that you get a few flowers right away.

1. The decoration of shells and stones

Glass jars and trays are an unusual but modest option for Bloom vases. Adding a few shells, stones or fish bowl enrichment can transform them into a little gem.

2. A unique vase of elastic boots

to give some daylight on a stormy day, get lively tulips and place them in waterproof rubber gumboots – they fit perfectly into the part of a vase. Infect other small indoor plants in worn-out shoes that you no longer need will look pleasant.

3. A new life for an old watering can

Use old dishes with creative skills! Bring an old irrigation pot or jug back to life by planting flowers that match the shade.

4. Miniature vases made from eggshells

a table organization made of eggshells and flowers looks very elastic and new. You can also include green branches, rocks, dried flowers or other improvements. You can even replace the eggshells with shells of various sizes.

5. Flowers instead of soup

if you have a long overlooked soup terrine, it is an ideal opportunity to put it to use. Using just soup tureen or a flat vase you can light up exceptionally beautiful bouquets on extraordinary days.

6. A collection of vases made with old bottels

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if you need to lighten your interior but do not have enough time, start with something fundamental. Single flowers in large wine or Punch pitcher attract attention and adapt to every embrace. Jugs can be either comparative or other than violin and shading – they all look decent!

7. A flower frame made of a wooden box

making a wooden box or a plate into a hanging shelf is not that hard. Such retirement with vases in them culminate in the country home or province-style kitchens.

8. A charming flower box

some grass or small flowers in a bushel make a pleasant air in your house. Inside, you should use some treated wiping to protect the freshness of the plants.

9. Sweet high-quality vase

A bundle of red and white will look remarkably new in a sweet Treat Stick vase that can be placed inside or outside the vase. The hard part here is keeping them away from your kids! You can also use hued pencils or brushes for drawing rather than sweet.

10. The second life of a bundle

Broken or shrunken flowers can live more if their buds are in a flat glass or earthenware bowl filled with water. Such a skimming arrangement of roses, chrysanthemums or gerbera will preserve their fragrance and their hues for quite a while.

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