10 Brilliant Life Hacks You Can Apply on Your Office

A day in the office can at times be boring and tiresome but sometimes a creative spark is all that is needed to light up your day. Office hacks can ease your work in the office and impress your boss too. Here are a number of office hacks that will come in handy at the office.

1. Attaching magnets below your desk

This will help to maintain all your metallic objects in place with an ease of accessibility. No more metallic objects falling on your feet!!

2. Re-invent the use of old technology

Who said old and old and obsolete technology has to go to waste. Use old cassettes as stands for phones, CDs can act as furniture stands and an old monitor can act as a flower vase.

3. Binder Clips as hangers

Binder clips mounted on the wall can come in handy when you need to hang light stuff such as a scarf or headphones.

4. Use Google as a timer

Type in your search bar, ‘Timer for 5 minutes’’ and voila google sets a timer for 5 minutes. Of course, you can set the timer for whichever amount of time you need.

5. Put a pocket at the back of your tie.

Extra storage space can always be put to good use and you’ll be surprised how handy that �back’ pocket will be when you can’t hold any more stuff with your hands.

6. Light up your working desk with LED ropes

Not only does this make your desk way cooler it also adds more light to your working space.

7. Place a basket underneath your desk

This is where all types of cords or USB cables will be instead of being on the floor carelessly.

8. Use Styrofoam cups for your filtering needs

Make minute holes in the cup and you’ll have a great filter. Be it for coffee, tea or even the vacuum cleaner.

9. Scribble reminders on your water bottle

The reminders will be to alert you to drink water, this will keep you hydrated even when you’re swamped with work.

10. Color code your cords

This can be done using nail polish or colored tape. You can even write something on the tape to help you identify the cord faster.

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