10 Mistakes That Stop Our Homes From Looking Ideal

The general outlook of a home says much about you. To impress your visitors and to have an enjoyable stay at home, here are some ten things to avoid.

Keeping Much Stuff Together

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Storing all the items used for similar purpose makes your home sketchy. Instead, subcategorize items for storage.

Improper Hiding of Bad Spots

Covering a bed with stuff on top does not help remove bad spots. It gives an impression of amateurism. Always sort things out earlier to avoid last minute rush.

Transparent Containers

While it may be a quick solution, transparent containers create a junkyard sight. Use them in closed cupboards.

Out of Reach Shelves

If the shelves are too high, items are bound to be disarranged. Store rarely used things on the highest shelves.

Hooks and Hangers

Limit hooks and hangers because too much of them are ugly. Try arranging most clothes in drawers

Transparent containers for Seasonal Attire

Unless you want your room disarranged looking for a scarf, store such items where you can easily see.

Family Members Have Useful Ideas

Disarrangement comes when you domineeringly decide every form of arrangement. Take other people’s opinions for help

Be Clean

One secret to neatness is to always be clean. Cleanliness will bring order.

Clashing Colors

Don’t mix items that don’t go together in color. Sort them in terms of style.

Light Sources

Diversify the light sources. Trying to keep a room neat by using only one light source does the exact opposite.

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