10 Inexpensive Ways To Make The Kitchen Your Happy Place

As unusual as it may seem, your kitchen should be one of the inspiring places in your house and it does not require breaking a bank to make minor transformations that will bring this dream into reality. There are various little things you can do not only to increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but also to make it safer and more convenient. Here are 10 inexpensive ways you can transform your kitchen to a lovely inspiring space anyone would love cooking in.

1. Switch to copper barn for lighting

hanging ceiling pendant copper barn bring more appeal to your kitchen compared to ordinary Ikea lights. You can always find the unique finish and model to compliment your existing design.
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2. Invest in a rolling caster kitchen island

this will not only increase your storage capacity and counter space, but also makes it very convenient to move items around without feeling the weight.
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3. Plant your own herbs in plush tea-tin gardens

if you choose the right tins and herbs, your kitchen will definitely be colorful and adorable.

4. Reuse your pretty-looking oil bottles

instead of throwing away the lovely olive oil bottles, clean and fill them with soap. The look is simply pretty.

5. Store your ingredients in big clear-glass jars

they come in various nice-looking sizes to fit your bulky ingredients. You will also be able to tell when you are running low on specific ingredients.
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6. Make a roll-down to-do list for your grocery

it is not only convenient as a hands-on reminder, but also adds to the appeal of your kitchen when strategically placed.

7. Create harmony with peel-and-stick films

you can make all your appliances look the same, like silvery stainless steel, using peel-and-stick films. Besides concealing the colors you do not like, they are an added protection for the surfaces.
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8. Keep trash bags underneath the sink

ironically, this keeps them out of sight while providing easy access when needed.
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9. Create your own graphic design with metallic duct tapes

you can spray paint your fridges and other large-surface appliances with bold color or simply use a metallic duct tape of your favorite color to create a unique design.
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10. Remember to organize your kitchen spaces including under the sink

this is the most important of all the mentioned ways. Decide on the kind of kitchen organization you want to achieve and keep things neat. Organize all spaces including under the sink, wall shelves and cabinets as well as counter tops.
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