10 Ideas That Will Turn Your Dresser Into Something Completely New

Almost everyone has an old furniture and in this case a dresser that one wants to get rid or better yet transform it into a new furniture.Here are 10 ideas that will help you in the transformation.


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1.Use the door knobs from the dresser as exquisite hooks to hang your bracelets.

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2.The dresser drawers can be used as storage for your clothes and accessories.

3.A drawer from an old dresser can become a bathroom shelf.

4.Old drawers can become a flowerbed.

5.The drawers can be used to hide pet bowls.

6.You can convert the dresser into a sofa.

7.By attaching wheels to the drawers you can make a great rolling table.

8.Drawers out of a granny dresser when painted with a desired color gives you an all purpose kitchen shelves.

9.Drawers from an old dresser can be decorated into elegant robust shelves for a living room and also for your bedroom.

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10.A dresser can be converted into a new stylish armchair.


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