10 Hacks To Really Up Your Gardening Game This Spring

Many gardeners look forward to spring when they can start growing plants in their garden as the weather grows warmer. However it is often difficult for an amateur gardener to find the right watering and other tools, ensuring that the plants are well protected and grow well, and finding the right pots, planters.
10 inexpensive and easy to implement hacks which will help a garden flourish in spring are discussed.


1. Soak seeds in water for at least a day, to minimize the germination time when the seeds are planted.

2. Milk bottles can be up-cycled and used to make watering cans by making holes in the lid of the container using a needle.

3. Rinds of citrus fruits can be used for germinating seedlings indoors, and later planted in the ground.

4. egg carton made from cardboard can be used for growing seedlings, after the seedlings have grown, the carton can be directly buried in the ground.

5. Seeds to be planted can be pasted on a toilet paper to create a seed tape so that they are evenly spaced when they germinate into seedlings.

6. Corks fixed on skewers made from bamboo can be used to label the different plants and herbs in a garden or pot, and are biodegradable.

7. a bottle with holes in the lid can be used to water plants when the gardener is away, by keeping the bottle upside down in the pot. The rate of leakage of water should be checked.

8. muffins tins, newspapers and seeds can be used to make a seed bomb for the garden or gifting friends.

9. Make holes in a plastic bottle, and bury it in the soil of a pot with the top portion exposed so that the water will slowly drip out of the bottle.

10. Corks Corks screwed to a board can be used to create evenly spaced holes in the ground or pot for sowing seeds or growing seedlings.


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