10 DIY Projects Using Contact Paper. Mac Users Will Love #3

The vibe and trend of contact papers are getting more popular these days. This content will help you discover some projects using contact paper.


1. Grassy Glasses:

You can celebrate by making use of grassy glasses as the summer draws near.

2. Sun-Catchers:

For the kiddo, this remains an amazing one. Users can any color and shape and paste it on the window.

3. Laptop Cover:

Laptops can get a little cover by using a contact paper. Ensure not to cover up the Apple logo section.

4. Polka Dot Wall:

With Polka Dot Wall, you will be able to cut out some circles and paste to your home walls.

5. Bunting:

Contact papers can help you create a bunting project with a perfect initiative.

6. Photo Booth Speech Bubbles:

Chalkboard options can help you engage in a photo booth speech bubble by using a contact paper.

7. Chalkboard Calendar:

Chalkboard calendar is another amazing project that you can initiate with a contact paper.

8. Privacy Film:

This idea is brilliant and amazing. There is every possibility to add a plethora of privacy movies to your windows.

9. Screen-Printing:

Screen-printing is one of the most amazing projects that you can execute using contact papers.

10. Chalkboard Table Runner:

This idea may be more applicable to children’s party. Apply a great initiative and creativity to create one for yourself.


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