10 Cheap and Creative Ways to Add Comfort to Your Life

There is a common misconception that you must be rich or spend a lot of money so as to be comfortable. However, with a little creativity you can easily add comfort to your life. Here are ten cheap and creative ways to add comfort to your life.

1. Diminutive writing desks

With diminutive desks, you can exploit even the smallest corners of your house and turn them into perfect workplaces to enable you to work in comfort.
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2. Geometric shelves

Innovatively designed wall shelves can easily spice up your living environment. The number of shapes is limitless and as such your e spoilt for choice with regards to these geometric shelves.
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3. Linen baskets

Using locally available and cheap materials, you can easily create linen baskets that will surely look good in the house.
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4. A tea set to impress guests

For this, you can even make use of old nail polish to draw decorative patterns on your plain white cups. This will surely make them exciting to drink from.
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5. Using old doors as storage areas

Most old and redundant items can be used to create an interesting appearance in your home. Old doors can be converted to compact and appealing shelves.

6. Book page wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper designs, don’t be afraid of experimenting. Sometimes, some of the most unexpected designs become the most successful.

7. A rug to brighten your mood

Make use of unused pieces of clothing in your wardrobe to come up with a brightly colored rug and it is sure to uplift your interior decoration considerably.

8. Say goodbye to the boring cork boards

You can put the space above your work area to many uses. Give it a makeover. Assimilate various components that you might not need from your garage to it and you will have some fascinating pieces of interior decoration.

9. Decorating shelves with rulers

Add some vibrancy and elegance to your shelves by adding rulers and some hooks

10. A clothes rack that will bring you closer to nature

Make an imaginative coat rack by fixing dry branches inside an ordinary wooden frame.

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