10 Amazing DIY Things You Can Make at Home

Making useful things at home can not only be fun but saves a lot of money as well. Here are few DIY things that you can make at home.

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1. Use the bottom part of 2-liter water bottles to make DIY animal face plant pots.

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2. A flip book can be really creative where you can make pictures move.

3. You can create your own tiny garden inside your room by growing small plants in tiny coffee cups.

4. You can make bread toast using brown and white felt sheets.

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5. Make mirrors for your kids using a cartoon shaped background.

6. Warmers for your rubber boots.

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7. Make a funny looking DIY bunny bag with ears made using a piece of cloth, nose from woolen ball and eyes, whiskers and mouth using thread.

8. Use paper cardboard to make cat shaped rectangular thread savers.

9. If you are good at embroidery work, you can make a garland of colorful ice cream cones.

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